Delta-8 for Sale in Jacksonville, FL

Delta-8 THC is chemically similar to Delta-9 THC, minus one covalent bond. While Delta-9 THC is a banned substance, Delta-8 is legal and offers many of the same effects as its more potent counterpart. Players Choice CBD is proud to bring athletes and everyday individuals Delta-8 for sale, in both softgel and gummy forms. You’ll not only get the full cannabinoid profile of CBD, but also the intrinsic benefits of Delta-8 THC alongside it.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

Yes, Delta-8 THC is legal. It’s chemically different from Delta-9 THC, which is the conventional form of THC derived from cannabis plans. Delta-8 behaves in much the same way, with slight differences that make it distinguishable at a molecular level. As a result, Delta-8 is widely accepted as a legal form of THC.

Why Choose Delta-8?

May athletes choose Delta-8 products because it provides them with a more potent array of benefits than CBD alone. Delta-8 products are associated with anti-anxiety, mood boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as focus and comfort. They’re great for both pre-workout and post-workout supplementation.

  • Delta-8 is a great complement to CBD, offering broad-spectrum benefits.
  • Delta-8 is more potent than other cannabinoids, with more noticeable benefits.
  • Delta-8 is legal, unlike its Delta-9 THC counterpart. Supplement with peace of mind!

Delta-8 Softgels and Gummies

We carry both Delta-8 softgels and gummies, giving you the ability to choose the product that best-suits your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you want to add another softgel to your workout stack or prefer the convenience of edibles on-demand, you’ll find the same high-quality cannabinoid profile across our full line of products.

Try Delta-8 For Yourself Today

Interested in giving Delta-8 THC products a try? Players Choice CBD brings you premium products designed to supplement your active lifestyle. No matter what sport you play, we’re intent on helping you maximize your training, recovery and performance.

Questions? Contact us today at 904-728-2078. We’ll be happy to teach you more about our Delta-8 products, essential oils, and gummies and how you can introduce them into your daily routine.