CBD Topicals in Jacksonville, FL

Athletes are no strangers to aches and pains that can develop after strenuous training. From sore knees to creaky shoulders, tense hamstrings to a stiff neck, these pains can pile up quickly—especially when you don’t have days off to recover fully. Players Choice CBDunderstands how quickly these problems can compound one another, which is why we’ve developed CBD roll-onsto help ease targeted areas of pain, soreness and discomfort.

Our CBD topicals deliver a highly concentrated dose of CBD directly to affected areas, where the skin will absorb it to reduce inflammation and stiffness associated with stress and strain. Our CBD roll-ons are convenient enough to stuff into a gym bag or take with you on-the-go, and it only takes a few minutes to begin feeling their effects.

Why Choose CBD Roll-Ons & Relief Rubs?

Where ingested CBD delivers benefits to the whole body, CBD topicals are great for targeted, tailored relief. Roll-ons are quickly applied to knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, thighs, lower back, neck or wherever else you’re experiencing pain, stiffness or discomfort. As the soothing CBD salve permeates into your skin, you’ll start to feel its effects in no time.

Here’s a look at just some of the reasons our customers love our CBD roll-on products and incorporate them into their recovery regimen:

  • Topicals offer targeted relief that can be applied anywhere on the body.
  • The effects of a topical are lasting and can deliver relief over long periods.
  • Topicals are applied directly to the skin—no need to ingest anything.
  • Great for soothing minor aches, pains, stiffness or general inflammation.

Experience the Benefits of CBD Topicals

Athletes put their bodies through rigorous tests each and every day. Eventually, aches and pains begin to pile up. Players Choice CBD offers roll-on CBD products to help combat these annoyances, before they leave you sidelined. Supplement your rest and recuperation with CBD topicals that aid in recovery, so you can get back out there sooner!

Questions? Contact us today at 904-728-2078. We’ll be happy to teach you more about our CBD products (including capsules) and non-detectable THC options and how you can introduce them into your daily routine.