CBD Pet Treats & More in Jacksonville, FL

Our pets suffer the same ailments that we do: from anxiety to the aches and pains that come with exercise and age. At Players Choice CBD, we’ve formulated CBD pet treats designed to help them achieve the same level of relief that you might get from CBD products. Whether you’ve got an anxious cat or an old pup with aches and pains, the benefits of CBD are available in the form of savory treats they’ll love.

Is CBD Safe for Animals?

Absolutely! Studies indicate that other mammals like cats and dogs have a similar response to cannabinoids as humans. That means cannabinoids like CBD bind to endocannabinoid receptors to help soothe the mind and body. Our CBD pet treats are made with pet-safe ingredients that your furry friend is sure to love. And, we’re certain they’ll love the effects even more!

Why Buy CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD oil for dogs is a great way to help them cope with everyday ailments that might affect their quality of life. Just like people, our pets suffer from struggles with their joints, anxiety, restlessness and general pains. CBD pet treats offer a convenient way to provide your pup with relief, in a dosage that’s ideal for them.

Here’s a look at why so many of our customers swear by CBD pet products and how they might benefit your companion:

  • Soothe old, aching or injured joints to promote better mobility in pets.
  • Calm anxious tendencies, including pacing, barking, chewing or whining.
  • Mellow-out their mood, which can help when training out aggressive tendencies.
  • Supports their immune system, to help safeguard them against illness.

Give Your Pet the Relief They Deserve

Just like with people, pets can benefit from CBD. If you’re interested in CBD pet treats or CBD oil for dogs, browse the selection offered by Players Choice CBD today! Questions? Contact us today at 904-728-2078. We’ll be happy to teach you more about our CBD tinctures, relief rubs, and more and how you can introduce them into your pet’s daily routine.