Players Choice CBD was co-founded by retired NFL quarterback Matt Robinson, and well-known healthcare inventor, patent holder and executive Charles Bell.

Matt’s sixteen-year football career resulted in multiple injuries forcing him to retire at the young age of 31. At age 50, those injuries returned as nagging yet significant aches and pains effecting his quality of life. Charles, Matt’s lifetime friend, recognized Matt’s decline. Leaning on his thirty-five years of healthcare product knowledge and experience, Charles’ extensive research quickly led him to the life changing qualities of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Charles and Matt are now committed to bringing a select few high-quality CBD infused products to market. “I am proud to say that through the exclusive Players Choice product line, all of us can now enjoy a physical, emotional and mental resurgence. After all, we are all “Players” in our own right”, Matt Robinson.


Provide best-in-class, high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products that are rigorously tested, safe, affordable, grown in the US. Allowing our customers all across America the ability to now enjoy a physical, emotional and mental resurgence. Contact us today to learn more!