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At Players Choice CBD we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and premium quality Hemp Extract available in the market.

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Train Harder. Recover Better. Play Your Best.

Every athlete is looking for a competitive edge: something that helps them maximize their performance and put forth their best effort. To find your competitive edge, you need to look at all three phases: training, recovery and performance. At Players Choice CBD, we believe the answer to improving your game rests in something that addresses all three: CBD oil. Our CBD products are designed to support you while you train, recover and perform, giving you the competitive edge you’re searching for—without putting your eligibility in jeopardy. Take advantage of the natural benefits CBD has to offer across every phase of your athletic journey.

  • Training. Find the concentration and focus you need to dig deep and get the most out of your training. CBD can help calm your mind and focus your efforts, helping you pay close attention to every rep, every movement and every minute you spend training.
  • Recovery. Rest and recuperate after your training, and let the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD go to work in soothing you. Even after the most intense training sessions,
    CBD oil can help you feel refreshed and relaxed, ready to get back to your grind.
  • Performance. Tune out game-day anxiety and calm your nerves, so you can focus on executing at the highest level. With your focus zeroed in on the game in front of you, you’ll play your best and leave nothing back.

Whether it’s football, basketball, golf, tennis or any other sport, we’re all players. Players Choice CBDis made by players, for players. Buy CBD that helps you find your competitive edge across every phase: training, recover and performance.

Premium-Quality CBD Oil and CBG

Looking to buy CBD that’s formulated using only the finest hemp extract, refined to ensure it’s THC-free and undetectable on performance enhancing drug tests? Players Choice CBD has you covered, from CBD oils and gummies to infused coffees and bath bombs. Shop our online store or contact us today at 904-728-2078 to buy CBD that’s designed with athletic performance in-mind.

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Premium grade Hemp-derived Cannabigerol (CBG)

CBG is often referred to as the “mother” or “stem cell” of all cannabinoids because all other cannabinoids are synthesized from it. 


Because its exclusive nature, very few manufacturers are even attempting to produce this cannabinoid. We are excited to offer CBG Tincture Drops (combined with MCT) and bring you some of the purest and most effective drops available! Developed with just a few ingredients, it is a simple and effective blend.

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